World first scientific article on follow-up care for first responders!

World first scientific article on follow-up care for first responders has been published.

Publisert 12.03.2023
Sist oppdatert 16.03.2023

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​The project has just released its groundbreaking research findings in a prestigious scientific journal. Since 2020, the project has been gathering data from first responders, asking them to fill out the International Trauma Questionnaire to measure the degree of trauma experienced after a first aid incident. The article reports on the results from the first 102 participants, revealing that as many as 84% are still experiencing symptoms after the event. Also 19% of those who responded exhibited symptoms consistent with PTSD or complex PTSD more than ​a month after the incident. 

Leading the charge on this crucial research is Anna Marie Moe Øvstebø, with contributions from Conrad Bjørshol, Thomas Lindner from RAKOS, 
Helene Lund from AMK Stavanger, and Sissel Grønlien from AMK Gjøvik. 

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first quantitative study on trauma experiences among random first responders.

Don't miss this groundbreaking study published in Resuscitation Plus!​

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