Norwegian guideline for basal CPR published in an international journal.

Article with Norwegian guidelines for basal CPR published in an international journal.

Publisert 16.05.2023



Norwegian guideline for basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation was published in 2021. This guideline differs from other countries' guidelines in that one should call 113 immediately upon finding an unconscious person, then check the breathing together with 113. This is so that AMK can activate resources more quickly, but also so that cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be started as soon as possible.

 Sub-project 113,  which was led from RAKOS, showed that the vast majority of those who contacted 113 about cardiac arrest had not started CPR, and that CPR was initiated by the 113 operator. The Norwegian guideline has now been published in the journal Resuscitation Plus.

The article was written by Conrad Bjørshol at RAKOS, together with Trond Nordseth and Jo Kramer-Johansen from the Norwegian Resuscitation Council.​

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