Pumps & Pipes: Visualization solutions from the oil industry can be used in the new hospital

Visualization solutions for the new hospital in Stavanger was the topic at the first of three lunch seminars this spring at “Måltidets Hus”.  The aim of the seminars is to share results and knowledge from Norway Pumps & Pipes projects.

Mirjam Klingenberg (tekst og foto)
Publisert 20.03.2017
Sist oppdatert 06.04.2017


These three are all involved in the exciting project that was presented in march at the lunch seminar. From the left: Ove Nordstokke from SUS2023, Stavanger university hospital, Tore Kvam, CEO of VCOG and Øystein Stray, CEO at Visco AS.

Norway Pumps & Pipes brings professionals from the oil industry and health sector together. The solutions to challenging problems may well be in ‘’the other guy’s toolkit’’. At this lunch seminar the project “Lifecycle visualization solution for the new hospital in Stavanger” was presented.
The new hospital is planned to be ready in 2023 at Ullandhaug, Stavanger. To build and operate a new hospital requires robust decision support and effective communication throughout the whole lifecycle. It is expected that the number of smart sensors and the amount of data will increase in the years to come. To effectively navigate in this jungle of information, users will depend on solutions which are easy to use and which immediately gives an overall overview.
– Many people work blindfolded - they only have an overview of one kind of data. We make an “all in one”-system where the visualization shows all data together at the same time in real time. The aim of this project is to demonstrate how a visualization 3D-solution will refine the model of today, said CEO at Visco AS, Øystein Stray, at the seminar.

Developed a lifecycle visualization solution
The model that is used now, the BIM-model (‘’bygningsinformasjonsmodellering”), has a relatively static presentation of geometric and technical data. It falls short when it comes to communication, interaction, training and education, and decision support.
– We have developed a lifecycle visualization solution for the oil & gas sector. This can be applied in the construction and operation of the new hospital. Ease and availability for the users are crucial - the technology can be used on every device - from a big screen to a smartphone. It can be a communication- and decision-making tool for all, from owners, builders and management to employees, patients and visitors, Stray explained.

Attend the next seminar!
Over 30 participants followed the presentation at Måltidets Hus this Friday.
Norway Pumps & Pipes invites you to join the next seminar, “Better health in a virtual world - a feasibility study for the use of virtual reality amongst elderly people with dementia and chronic diseases”, that will be held Friday Mars 24th 2017 at IRIS in Stavanger.
For more information about the seminars and information about how to register visit Norway Pumps & Pipes Seminars.