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NORSUD, known as KVARUS in Norwegian, is a national quality registry.
The target group for this registry is patients undergoing specialized interdisciplinary substance use disorder treatment. The registry contains information gathered at the start of treatment and from regular updates taking place in conjunction with set evaluation points of the treatment program. Further information is gathered at the end of the treatment program or when treatment is interrupted or stopped. The aim is to use this information to develop better services for, and more knowledge about, this patient group.
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Visit the comprehensiv Norwegian website for the ENDRE project, including pasient information, newsletters, e-learning courses, user access, and much more.

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Center for alcohol and drug research (KORFOR)

KORFOR conducts research and professional development, networking and education in the field of substance abuse. KORFOR serves as a networking organization that both initiates and participates in projects locally, nationally and internationally.
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