Stavanger University Hospital

The Norwegian Centre for Movement Disorders

Our mission is to enhance expertise in Parkinson's disease, dystonia, and tremor.

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The Centre for Movement Disorders (NKB) is situated at Stavanger University Hospital. Established by the Ministry of Health and Care Services in 2003, our mission is to enhance expertise in Parkinson's disease, dystonia, and tremor. The goal is to improve the quality of detection and treatment for these conditions. 

In 2016, we launched a national quality register for Parkinson's disease, known as the Norwegian Parkinson's Register and Biobank. This initiative contributes to more equitable access to expertise for patients nationwide. 

Over the past 15 years, NKB has played a pivotal role in elevating neurological disease expertise across Norway's health regions. We aim to establish professional networks capable of sustaining regional efforts. In 2023, the service evolved into a national network of expertise. As the network's secretariat, NKB continues its mission through extensive research, interdisciplinary networks, and the operation of the Norwegian Parkinson registry and biobank.  

The Centre for Movement Disorders is a member of The Norwegian Brain Council (see: Hjerneråde ( and collaborates closely with the Norwegian Parkinson's Association (see: Norges Parkinsonforbund ( and the Norwegian Dystonia Association (see: Norsk Dystoniforening (

Contact information

Phone: 51 51 52 18 


Visitor address: Jan Johnsens gate 12, 4011 Stavanger

Our Team

is an interdispiplinary team that includes senior researchers, statisticians, project-based PhD's and post doc positions, study nurses, physicians and psychologists

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is an important task at NKB and involves basic neuroscience, clinically applied research, extensive biological investigations, and more.

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Last updated 3/6/2024