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The Norwegian Centre for Movement Disorders


Research is an important task at NKB and involves basic neuroscience, clinically applied research, extensive biological investigations, and more

The Centre for Movement Disorders research group is an interdisciplinary team committed to investigating neurodegenerative brain diseases. The group originated from a clinical setting at Stavanger University Hospital and has a 30-year history, starting with pioneering longitudinal studies on movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease. Since then, it has transformed into an independent research group with a dedicated emphasis on Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, and dementia. 

Today, our interests span a wide spectrum, encompassing basic neuroscience, clinically applied research, and extensive biological investigations. In addition, we actively engage in quality improvement and innovation projects, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of our research endeavors. 

Presently, our project portfolio includes approximately 10 active research projects. Our research endeavors receive broad and increasing financial support, including contributions from the Norwegian Research Council, the Norwegian Parkinson Research Foundation, the National Association for Public Health, and the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF). Further, the group has fostered collaborations with other leading research teams over the last two decades, with many projects made possible through partnerships with national and international collaborators. 

Education and supervision play a crucial role in our work, with a substantial number of master's projects, PhD projects, and postdoctoral initiatives originating from the group.

Last updated 3/6/2024