Start up CallerSim

The project had a kickoff in the snowy weather in Stavanger in January.

Published 5/23/2024
A group of people standing in the snow
A group of people standing in the snow
From left: Thomas Lindner RAKOS, Erik Emberland Andersen Norsk Førstehjelpsråd, Trine Bjørnsen Sklls, Einar Ananiassen Røde Kors, Jorunn Vik RAKOS, Thomas Berg Green Norsk Førstehjelpsråd, Helene Høiset Sæterdal AMK Førde, Arne Rannestad Sklls and Ole Paulsen Sklls.

Are you ready to call 113 when it really matters? Calling the emergency medical number is essential for life or health, when someone is suddenly seriously ill or injured.

A Norstat survey from 2020 reveals that a third of Norway's population hesitates to call 113 in emergency situations. Here there is room for improvement, which can further lead to more people surviving or living on without serious harm.

- We believe that more people can survive serious illness and injury if people gain more confidence in calling 113. Then the professional help will arrive at the scene earlier. In addition, one get support on how to give life-saving first aid.

HiSkll's CallerSim is a collaborative project between Sklls, Helse Vest and the organizations Red Cross, Norwegian First Aid Council and RAKOS. The project will give both children and adults experience in dealing with emergency situations.

The project will develop an app so that people can practice communicating with the emergency services in a safe, virtual setting without consequences for mistakes. This increases competence around emergency calls and improves interaction between callers and the emergency services.