Saving lives together

“Sammen redder vi liv” aims to mobilise the whole of society in order to save lives though a complex education within lifesaving first aid.

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Senior researcher at RAKOS, Conrad Bjørshol, is the leader of the professional council in "Together we save lives".

The goal with this project in to increase the survival rate and reduce lasting effects with cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack and serious injuries. The results from emergency situations depend majorly on a combination of early first aid actions and an early diagnosis as well as treatment by the emergency services.

RAKOS’ cooperation with Helsedirektoratet about the project “Sammen redder vi liv”, with RAKOS senior researcher PhD Conrad Bjørshol at the helm was established in February 2017 and is now extended to the start of 2020.

From January 2019 Bjørshol has been the leader of the academic council concerning “Sammen redder vi liv”. The academic council provides support and information of high quality to strengthen the publics knowledge and skill on lifesaving first aid, in addition to optimising the effort of emergency services and AMK before arrival of the health personal in an emergency situation where time is critical.

In 2017-18 Bjørshol lead the project 113 as a part of “Sammen redder vi liv.” The main conclusions from this project were that there should be a systematic review of sound files in AMK. Facilitators should be educated, and regular simulations should be conducted by an AMK operator. In addition, chosen data from AMK should be registered in the medical quality register. 

The national centre on emergency, communication in health (Kokom) will continue this work through introduction of the advice taken from the 113 project.

In addition to this function RAKOS will conduct research on the effect of “Sammen redder vi liv and the concept of voluntary emergency helpers. Emergency helpers are individuals with education within first aid who can assist in an emergency situation such as cardiac arrest, breathing problems, major injuries and loss of consciousness. Emergency helpers can further be informed by AMK in case of an emergency and have equipment and knowledge to take life saving precautions while waiting for ambulance, air ambulance or trained doctors. The effect of such a program is unknown and RAKOS has introduced cooperation with emergency helper organisations. This cooperation can lead to a gain of knowledge and an increase in research activity in RAKOS.

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Conrad Bjørshol and Ph.D fellow Hege Kristin Kjærvoll
Last updated 12/13/2023