Politicians visiting RAKOS

Politicians visited RAKOS in connection with the Follow-up of first aiders project.

Published 5/23/2024
A group of people sitting on a couch
A group of people sitting on a couch
From left: Conrad Bjørshol (RAKOS), Elisabeth Dyrnes (RAKOS), Olaug Bollestad (stortingspolitiker KrF), Henrik Halleland (varaordfører KrF), Kristina Reilstad (RAKOS).

On 2 April, RAKOS had a very nice visit. It was Storting politician Olaug Bollestad and deputy mayor of Stavanger, Henrik Halleland (both from KrF) who came to RAKOS to get an overview of the national offer with follow-up of first aiders.

They were committed and wanted to assist in making the offer known in the political environment in Norway.