MIR Major Incident Reporting

Majorincidentreporting.net is a database for reporting accidents that require special equipment and resources.

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In January 2018, RAKOS took over the responsibility and ownership of the website and the database regarding Major Incident Reporting (MIR).

The goal is to have a standardised template available to everybody for reporting emergency service’s responses during large and serious events. The website will present this information and the experiences so that one can compare and learn from them. With enough data, we can start to analyse and compare a wide range of reports and with that improve the response during serious events. See the link http://majorincidentreporting.net/

Prior to taking over this responsibility, a PhD in this field has been written and several articles about this topic have been published. See link.
To RAKOS, MIR represents the foundations for future research and development in an important prehospital area. In 2018 we have been spending time cleaning up the existing electronic processor in the MIR.

The database and registration are far from finished, but a lot of positive developments have happened so far. What remains for the coming years, is to establish improved electronic solutions and ensure that there is an increase in the number of events that are registered, and that research can be conducted around this data.

See the video below for more information on MIR:

Last updated 12/13/2023