Cardiac arrest register for Helse Vest

The cardiac arrest register is an overview of all individuals who have been resuscitated.

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The purpose of the register is to monitor the health care of cardiac arrest patients both outside and inside hospitals, as well as contribute to an improvement in the treatment of this patient group. This can be achieved by using data from the register for quality improvement and research related to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrest.

The register uses the number of reporting health trusts, the proportion of patients receiving cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR before arrival of ambulance and the number of patients surviving more than 20 minutes and 30 days as quality indicators. Survival after cardiac arrest is an internationally recognized indicator of quality throughout the prehospital acute treatment chain.

The pre-hospital cardiac arrest register for Helse Stavanger has operated for a long time, and from January 2019, RAKOS has been responsible for the cardiac arrest register in Helse Stavanger. We have 2 employees working 20% and 30% adminestering the register for cardiac arrests both inside and outside of hospitals.

Last updated 12/13/2023