500 First responders

At the beginning of April, first aider number 500 received follow-up by RAKOS.

Published 5/24/2024
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A group of people posing for a photo
The RAKOS Follow up Team:
Back row from left: Thomas W. Lindner, Kristina Roda Reilstad and Conrad Bjørshol.
Front from left: Anna Marie Moe Øvstebø, Elisabeth Dyrnes and Anne Friis Thommassen.


On 10 April, RAKOS marked a significant milestone: The 500th first aider has received follow-up.

This means that 500 people, who have provided first aid to the acutely ill or injured, have received support, confirmation and renewed courage in conversation with us.

These conversations take place at RAKOS, in AMK in Gjøvik, or digitally via Teams for first responders from all over Norway.

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to work on this rewarding task. A big thank you also goes to all the AMK centers that send out SMS to the first responders, our professional group that supports us, the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation for their contribution to the project and the research, as well as the Norwegian Directorate of Health for their support.