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The PREDICTOM platform will develop algorithms for disease risk assessment and recommendations for intervention on a personal level, thus allowing opimal targeting of treatments to those individuals who will benefit most from them.

Citizens are invited

Citizens who have not yet been diagnosed, but feel worried about their health will be able to perform an online self-assessment of their cognitive abilities as well as their lifestyle dependent dementia risk factors in agreement to the WHO guidelines. Depending on the outcome of the self-assessment, subjects will be advised to consult a healthcare professional. They will also have access to an evidence-based training intervention to promote cognitive health. 

General practitioners (GPs)

One aim is that GPs will be able to use the PREDICTOM platform to further assess the disease risk of a patient based on blood-based, imaging, electrophysiological, eye-tracking and digital biomarkers. Depending on the risk, which will be estimated via an AI algorithm, GPs may refer a patient to a medical specialist for precise diagnosis. GP feedback is important part of project and GPs from different countries in Europe will participate. 

Specialist healthcare

Specialist healthcare professionals in medical specialist centres will also be able to use the PREDICTOM platform as a central hub for all patient associated data in dementia diagnostics. They will be able to see all data entered by patients themselves as well as that entered by GPs. will be able to upload CSF and imaging related biomarker data and use AI assisted tools for disease diagnosis and prognosis.


Researchers will be able to work with the data and the algorithms stored on the platform after completion of this project and in strict agreement to the legal constraints. Researchers will have new (candidate) biomarkers as well as AI based stratification algorithms, which allow for the development of better targeted treatments in the future. AI/ML models will play a key role at all stages of this process. 

Last updated 11/15/2023