Entitlement to necessary healthcare

Those patients who, due to their health condition, require treatment most urgently should be given status as priority patients.

​Priority patients should be given a deadline (date) for when their assessment/treatment should commence. This deadline is set on the basis of a medical assessment of the seriousness of the condition and the potential benefit of the treatment.

Psychiatry and substance abuse

Children and young people under 23 years of age with mental health issues and/or substance addictions should not wait longer than 65 working days for their assessment/treatment.

Other patients

Patients who require care from the specialist health service but who are not priority patients will be given an indication of the estimated waiting time but not a binding deadline.

The start of the assessment/treatment will depend on available capacity in the specialist health service.

All patients referred to the specialist health service should be notified by letter as to whether or not they are entitled to necessary healthcare and of any deadline.​


Last updated 9/26/2016